An Experienced Therapist!
Qualified Psychotherapist in the State of California:

Renee has worked with active and recovering ADDICTS and ALCOHOLICS, and
those who love them, for two decades.  She works with individual adult  
MEN and  
WOMEN dealing with specific issues unique to them.  Renee also works with
ADOLESCENTS struggling with ADDICTION and CONFLICT in the home or school.

Some highlights-
SPECIALIST in treating 'active' ADDICTION
QUALIFIED to help with relationship CONFLICT
COACHING for CAREER Burnout, Transition
SPIRITUALLY sensitive to life's CHALLENGES
Therapy Options:

  • Short Term Therapy with weekly sessions to alleviate immediate difficulties
  • Longer Term sessions, beginning with a few weekly sessions, moving to
    every other week as determined by your needs.
  • Group Therapy weekly that is specific to your needs
Organizational Consultant:

Renee has worked with many agencies, organizations, and institutions to assist in
the development of high quality clinical practice, improved teamwork, and direction
in business strategic planning processes.
Renee E. Brown, M.A., MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist